interview with music promoters in Saigon, Vietnam
BTS: Promoters Talk
interview with DJ Jase, promoter for The Beat Saigon
BTS: DJ Jase
interview with Linh Phan, Superkid, music promoter for Everyone's a DJ, organizer of Electric Kicks, Mixed Tape, Shimmy Shimmy Coco Pop
BTS: Everyone’s a DJ
documentary profile, interview with Charles E. Dickerson, Mono/Poly, music producer
Artist Profile: MONO/POLY
documentary profile, interview with Bottlesmoker, electronic band from Bandung, Indonesia
Artist Profile: Bottlesmoker
documentary profile, interview with Go Lim band, indie rock band from Hanoi, Vietnam
Artist Profile: Go Lim

Seen in Saigon

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An ongoing part of the FFF offering is the creation of cultural profiles that we make because … Ah, well … Just because it’s something we love doing. We have interviewed a richly diverse body of artists in our time.  After some years involved in music in various

ways the producing team decided it was time to strike out and commit to starting a dedicated music channel … and so Seen in Saigon was born.  With a strong focus on the increasing number of international acts now seeking to visit Vietnamese shores,

Seen in Saigon is a unique supporter of independent music of all flavours in Vietnam.  That’s not to say we don’t profile the fledgling local scene, just check out the site for the full picture